Global community project

The Inclusive City Project started in Geneva as a simple idea – to send a positive message to everyone coming into the city: You, whoever you are, are welcome here.

In early 2019, in response to the polarizing talk dominating the news, Swiss social artist Dan Acher felt a sudden need to take action. Urgently, simply, with the means at his disposal. Looking out of his office window above one of the main arteries into the city, he decided to fly a flag with these words: YOU ARE WELCOME. This simple action led to The Inclusive City Project.

Our call to action

This project is a clear call to action against exclusion, a response to the erosion of community values in our towns and cities the world over.

It involves three simple acts: Displaying a poster of welcome // Sharing a story to inspire acts of inclusion // Engaging friends and networks to amplify the movement.

Showing what we believe in

The Inclusive City Project is about clearly showing our support for diversity. It’s about countering exclusion with messages and acts of inclusion. We believe that every one of us contributes to the rich fabric of our cities, and that feeling included – that we belong – is a human need and a human right.

We put up posters in our streets, schools and shopfronts to take stand.

We tell our stories to raise an honest discussion, even break taboos. To inspire each other to do better – one small, bold, act of inclusion at a time.

We make it visible both in the real world and online, to amplify the message.

Chain reaction

Together, we can get friends and family, city councils, businesses and colleges involved. Let’s fill our streets and social networks with the message that being different together makes our cities better. Let’s counter words of exclusion with messages of welcome!


Who’s financing this project? We are! We’re putting our personal savings into it because we think it’s important. If you want to help please contact us.

The Inclusive City Project is a Dan Acher / Happy City Lab initiative. Dan is an Ashoka fellow who creates connections in public spaces. Check out his other projects and installations.

Check out #youarewelcomein and #smallactsofinclusion to see what people are posting around the world!