I am from Japan and recently moved to France. Actually soon after moving, my anxiety increased day by day. I was used to my established life, work and culture in my country. On the other hand, in a new country it was very hard for me to address the fact that I couldn’t do even one simple thing such as doing administrative matter because of language. I was so disappointed at myself everyday. However two comments of new friends changed my way of seeing the challenges. One day at the park while hanging out with new people, the friend asked me, »You must be facing lots of challenges in the different culture. Are you feeling good with life here? » I was so glad to hear the words from her because I felt like she was ‘caring about me’. In a new place, it is difficult to encounter a ‘being cared about’ experience. When I felt her caring attitude, I was totally relieved (with a bit of tears). The second one was when I met other friend for the second time, she told me « I was inspired a lot by your story. It made me try working on new changes in my own life. Merci beaucoup! » I never thought that my story could be something positive to the person in a different country and that I could receive a ‘thank you’. I felt grateful to her for the fact that she welcomed my story to her heart. I will never forget those comments in my life and how I felt glad and encouraged by their words. Now I see more positively the challenges in a new country and even plan to establish something big here in my new place. Welcome people with your words and attitudes! It could save someone and more, they could be an unforgettable memory for the person in their life.