il_fritto_misto@youarewelcomein – 20 years in this flat and countless meals, drinks, talks, tears, party, meetings… We have always tried to open our door, our ears, our hearts, our arms, to friends and friends of friends who became friends, from India, Venezuela, Italy, Poland…who needed a place for a night, a week, a year. I learnt a lot about myself and others, I discovered new food, new habits, new thoughts. It made me happy and it also made me angry sometimes. Your home, like your country, is a place but it’s also an idea, a process, a feeling. Your home, like your country, is always in construction, in question, in evolution, with people moving in / out. Thanks to all of you who are part of this home – yesterday, now and in the future.  #youarewelcomein #Genève