When my daughter was 7 and we just recently arrived in Switzerland we made some little sweet cakes from our home in Syria. We took them to the school for a special school sale all the children were having. Nobody bought my daughter’s cakes because they did not know them, so at the end of the day she offered the children in her class to take home. She was very sad nobody bought the cakes and she didn’t help to get money for the school trip. But that evening the mother of a boy from the class called me to tell that her family really loved the cakes. Her son said ‘these are the best cakes I have eaten and I can’t stop thinking about them’. This made me and the boy’s mother laugh. It made my daughter so happy when I told her the boy liked so much her cakes. And I was also very happy this lady looked for my number on the list from the class and that she called me. It was maybe not such a big thing for her but for us it was so nice! I remember this often and try also to call or write to people to say nice things especially if I think they need this.